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Plastic to Fuel

ParCo has teamed up with ScarabTECH, developers of a compact machine that transforms plastic into fuel in a process similar to distilling alcohol. We recently shared our plans to introduce the technology in Vilankulo at the Growing Blue conference. While the Dung Beetle has travel around South Africa raising awareness, Vilankulo will be the first town to adopt the technology as a waste management solution. This cutting-edge plastic upcycling business will address the scourge of ocean plastic and create a circular economy while generating income and usable alternative fuel for the local community. The pilot will be a model for others as the technology scales outward.


Mobile: Compact and transportable.
High-Volume: 130-600kg of plastic per day.
Safe: Reduced emissions.
Useful: Stop sending plastic to landfill, produce fuels instead.
Efficient: 85-95% of plastic mass converted into usable energy.
Self Powered: Suitable for irregular-grid contexts.