TSWA is about partnering with local groups on issues that affect them. 

The name "TSWA" stands for "To Scale With Accountability;" trying ideas that have worked other places, but putting local buy-in first and foremost.

Tswa also comes from the language and people of the area, "Xitswa" and"Matswa"

CURRENT collaborationS:



These dynamic leaders were selected by their neighbors several years ago to sit on the committee that looks after the needs of children in their neighborhood ensuring that they are receiving decent care, nutrition and education. They have had busy year so far. In April, they identified children to fill scholarship spots at the nearby preschool and identified all pregnant mothers and children under two to participate in a First Thousand Days nutrition program. They started a small Market and Meal Tour offering Mozambican typical meals (Matapa! Mmmmm!) to tourists as a fund raiser for their "child in crisis fund" which is held with the committee's savings and loans club.



Peace Corps Volunteers Emily and Graysen teach weekly English and Geography classes to prisoners in the Vilankulo prison. The usually 25 students are gaining new skills and perspectives that will contribute to their rehabilitation and keep them on a good track after they are released. Plans are underway to add a chicken rearing component to the skill building programs at the prison.