Child Champion Program

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orphan child

When a child in Mozambique loses her mother or father or both, she is taken in by relatives. Even well meaning aunties and grandmas take on financial strain that can force them to make difficult choices. With a little extra help, they can confidently guarantee the best in health, education and care for their little one.

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Trained community volunteers visit adoptive families regularly to make sure everything is okay and communicate emerging issues to the program coordinator. The volunteer makes sure that the child has soap, clothing, education, identity documents (required to register in school), and health care.


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No matter where you are in the world, you can still be the difference between an orphan in Mozambique growing up a step behind or a step ahead. We will link you with a specific child, and share her story and progress. You just need to make a commitment of $200 per year until she turns 16. $12 a month goes directly to the family via mobile banking. $5 supports logistical costs for case workers, coordination and communication. Annual donations can be made via bank transfer to ParCo’s account in Mozambique, although other options may be available.