It’s a movement of Vilankulo residents from artists to fishermen to lodge managers who are interested in tackling waste and environmental issues like ocean plastic. We stay connected in a phone message group and come together at key moments to share ideas, raise awareness, and stimulate action. This year, we celebrated World Oceans Day with a public showing of the movie Ocean Plastic and a comprehensive beach cleanup. On World Cleanup Day, we joined up with Let’s Do It Mozambique and stimulated eight neighborhoods and two islands to join: 300 people filled 500 sacks of litter!   


World Oceans day 2018

Eight teams along the Vilankulo coast worked together to clean the beach on June 9th 2018. From that day, the Beach Clean team emerged carrying out regular Saturday cleanups and education that have kept the beach cleaner than it is been in years.


World cleanup day 2018

On the 15th of September, local youth took charge of organizing their communities to join the action which was coverage by a national TV network. It was the first time many people thought about the difference between organic and inorganic waste on the streets around them. Just one step in the exciting journey toward a cleaner town.


partnership with “let’s do it MOzambique”

The #VLP movement works with Carlos Serra, the Let’s Do It focal point for Mozambique. He provides standardized messages, slogans and songs and citizen science tools for waste tracking.